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Puppy Foundations$350

3 – 1 hr private sessions + Lesson Plan

The Puppy Foundations package helps you and your dog get through the puppy phase with a breeze. We will cover crate training, potty training, name recognition, husbandry, healthy and safe socialization tips and so much more! Suitable for puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks.

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Puppy Essentials$500

4 – 1 hr private sessions + Lesson Plan

Dog Obedience 101 covers house manners, gaining a solid recall, leash etiquette, impulse control, sits, downs, wait commands and the art of respectful and fun play to build a bond between you and your dog. Best suited for dogs 4 months to 1 years.

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Adult Manners$500

4 – 1 hr private sessions + Lesson Plan

Provide us with your training wish list and we will cater the training plan to you and your dog’s needs. This often includes how to curb jumping on people, unwanted barking, off leash and on leash manners.

Restraining dog on leash

Dog Rehabilitation$600

4 – 1 hr private sessions + Lesson Plan

Best suited for dogs that have developed some naughty habits. We can work with you to help resolve resource guarding, aggressive barking, lunging on leash, reactivity towards dogs, confidence building, and eventually socialization. Expect to learn how to desensitize your dog to a muzzle, engage-disengage techniques, and to slowly introduce dog to dog interactions when out and about and with demo dogs supplied.

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Walk and Train$70

1 hr private walk with trainer + Email Follow up

For existing clients only. A great ADD-ON feature.  Send your dog out for an educational walk with one of our trainers. We help fine tune your dog's recall, leash manners, reactivity, or socialization. Followed up with a run down on what we did and how to practice on your own. This is for clients who have completed any of our above packages. 

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Group Obedience Classes

We offer Puppy Essentials (6 week course), Adult Manners, and Behavioural Tune Up seminars on various topics such as Recall and Leash Manners in a group setting both in Coquitlam and Burnaby at local dog daycares facilities. Next group of classes 

Puppy Classes

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Leash Manners

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