Dog Training Services

Our dog training classes are non-fear based, practical, and engaging for the whole family! You will be left with not only a well balanced and behaved fur-kid, but you will also have a much better understanding of your dog.

Puppy Foundations $350 (3 private in person sessions)

Puppy essentials $500 (4 private in person sessions)

Adult Manners $500 (4 private in person sessions)

Dog Rehabilitation $600 (4 private in person lessons)

Walk and Train $70 (1 hour walk with trainer)

*All in person sessions are conducted in your own home. At times, your trainer will suggest to meet at a nearby park for 'out and about' practice. 

Dog Walking Services

Our walking services encompass a wide variety of options to provide for the well being and physical needs or your large or small dog. 

Adventure Pack Walk $33 / 1 hour hike

5 days a week Adventure Package $150 / week

Potty Break $25 / 15-20 mins  / 30 mins / $35

Solo Walk $45 / 1 hour

*All services include pick/drop off by our team members from your home or office. 

** There is a fuel charge added of ($1.50) per service when fuel rates reach 1.75 per litre and above. 

3 dogs

Dogs in backside of car

Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare on wheels offers the convenience of pick up and drop off service from your home or office. Your dog will take in a varied day of healthy social interaction riding along with our friendly staff and their doggy friends in comfortable dog-proofed trucks. Daycare dogs get a minimum of two (1 hour) hikes in a fun, active and natural environment, potty breaks, lunch and/or dinner time feeding.

Mobile Dog Daycare $45 / day 

5 days a week Mobile Daycare Package $215/ week 

* There is a fuel charge added of ($1.50) per service when fuel rates reach 1.75 per litre and above.